Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10

Today I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my broken Dell 4150. I installed Windows XP pro and Redhat Linux on it and Windows XP failed working recently.
I never thought it would be do easy to install Ubuntu! Even much easy then windows. Afer the installation finished, everthing is working.
When I start it I heard the start sound, I knew that I don't need worry to find the driver for the sound card. Then I saw a firefox icon there, I double clicked it the web page just come out, I realized that I even don't need to do anything to setup the network card and Internet connection! Wow!!
I like that!
I used Unix, Linux and Windows for so many years, I don't worry about to get the drivers for different hardware, I could do it, But everything takes time.
What I am lack is just the time.
Now I find Ubuntu. it can save mo lots of time. I still have two computers stay there and doing nothing because I could not get time to install it.
Now I am going to install Ubuntu on both of them .

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